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The two single most popular casino games with the longest histories at the same time are roulette and blackjack. The roots of roulette, for example, date back to the seventeenth century when the first forms of roulette began to appear in Europe. Throughout the centuries roulette grew to be one of the most intriguing games, and today it is available in every casino. As a result people have tried to create different more or less promising strategies. They have been trying to find the perfect roulette system, one that will promise a lasting profit.

Here we want to present some well-known systems that are used in roulette. We take a closer look in couple of different systems that are used the most by roulette players. Bear in mind that every system has at least one minimal flaw, so don’t expect to become rich with just a couple of roulette bets. The important thing is to practice and perfect the usage of the system and have some fun along the way.

Is It Possible To Make Long Term Profits from Playing Roulette?

House Edge of the Zero denies SuccessYou can find lots of articles and stories on the internet promoting the best roulette strategy, which will ensure you a long term profit in a short space of time. There are even software programmes advertised as technology that can help you beat the house when playing roulette. But, the truth is that there is no perfect roulette system nor there is a technology that can beat the house on the long run. There are however systems that can help you reduce your losing margin and with little luck you can hit a big payout.

What to Expect in Roulette

Roulette is considered a casino game with a relatively normal house edge. However, it all depends on the roulette variation. A typical American roulette house edge is higher than 5%, which is a lot for a casino game. This is because of the double zero slot which compromises your chance to win. It is why experienced players avoid this variation, because it is difficult to gain an advantage on American roulette.

If you want to make the best out of playing roulette, always choose variations with house edge not more than 2.5%. Such variations are European and French roulette. With such a low house edge you can always expect to come out a winner at some point. It’s easy to beat the house on a long term when you have your luck beside yourself and a game with a low house edge.

Systems with Same Amount Bets

Roulette systems typically include making different bet amounts, and making bets that are always of the same amount is called Mass ègale in the gambling community. The different bet amount strategy is mainly used to take advantage of a supposed sequence of numbers based on mathematical calculations. That way with each bet increase you are supposed cover the losses of your previous bet thus breaking even or gaining profit at minimum. This is why Mass ègale is not used because it is not a successful betting strategy in bringing you a long term profit.

Betting Strategy Based on the Different Laws

Each player has their own strategy when it comes to playing roulette. There are various laws that roulette players may opt to follow when choosing their betting strategy. Here, we will introduce some of the most common of these, and explain how they work plus how reliable they are.

Law of Unequal Distribution

Roulette players that tend to get into the philosophy of the game more deeply usually use the betting strategy based on the so-called “law of unequal distribution”. This law teaches us that all numbers shall appear an equal number of times on a long run, for example, in a thousand spins.

Law of the Third

Another popular law on which betting strategies are based is the „Law of the Third“. This is when players try to ‘fish’ for numbers that are seemingly hot. Hot numbers are those that have appeared the most in a roulette session. In order to ‘fish’ them out players either try to memorize them or write them down, which is a lot easier when playing at online casinos.

Online casino roulette games display the history of all bets and numbers that appeared in a roulette session so it’s much easier to keep track. But this one is difficult to implement online on a computer simulated game because it involves sitting out a couple of spins. If you want to use it online then try it on live casino roulette where you can actually sit out.

Law of Deviations

With this law players assume that a roulette wheel reacts based on past events. For example, if they have won several rounds, they assume that the next rounds will be the totally opposite results so they try to make the opposite bets, which is wrong. It is wrong to assume that the roulette wheel spins based on past results. A roulette wheel spins totally on random because it has no memory. You cannot recycle the results based on winning or losing streaks.

Favourite Numbers Strategy

This one is similar to the hot numbers strategy and happens when players try to analyse which numbers are favoured by the roulette wheel. This strategy is tied closely to the strategy of finding a biased roulette wheel explained further below, which is a roulette wheel in which some numbers come up more than the others.

Different Bet Amounts Systems - Progression

The more effective and advised systems are those that use progression. This means that with each next bet you increase or decrease your bet amount depending on the system, thus covering losses or making profit. These bets are made in a sequence and with each end of the sequence you start the sequence again. These systems include setting a bet limit that you can afford based on a bankroll that you can afford to lose if you come out unsuccessful. It is very important to decide on your bet limits. Otherwise you’ll burn out very quick.

Here we will introduce and explain some of the most widely used progressive betting systems. Even though they don’t guarantee perfection, they are as close as you can get to achieving long term profit from playing roulette.

1. Martingale strategy

Paul Levy Martingale theoryMartingale system is very popular roulette system that originates from the 18th century. This system is used by millions of gamblers at online casinos and is perfect for beginners. At times it proves very efficient, whereas at times it can make the player to lose his money very quickly. Read the following text to find out more about the Martingale betting system and its pros and cons.

Martingale betting system is most commonly used when playing roulette; nevertheless, it can be used for other casino games such as blackjack or baccarat. The Martingale strategy is to place a bet on the fields that have 1:1 payout and those are red, black, even or odd. After every lost game, the player should double the initial bet amount and place the bet on the same field. This is repeated until the player finally wins and gets back everything he lost plus some profit.

The Martingale betting system is made for those who have bigger bankrolls and make smaller bets. If you are prepared to lose all of your money, but hope for the best - this is perfect betting system for you. Not only by using the Martingale betting system you can neutralise all of your losses, but you can also win some good amounts of money. For example, if you have lost 10 credits and then placed a double bet of 20 credits, winning will get you 40 credits which cover the previously lost 10 and plus earn you additional 10 credits.

Joseph Doob Analysis Probabilities StochasticsThere is no perfect betting system and this is the case also with the Martingale betting system. The reason why not every gambler is a winner is because every system has its cons. The main idea of the Martingale betting system is to double the after a loss. However, casinos have bet limits that at a certain point will make it impossible for the player to double the lost amount. Also, players usually have a predetermined budget they can afford to lose. If the bad luck strikes, the player can lose the budget before he is able to win and get back everything he has lost.

Grand Martingale

The Grand Martingale is used by players that want something more than just doubling up their bets. With this strategy you don’t only double up but you also add one more unit to the doubled up bet. But, this is much riskier system than the simple Martingale. If in the end you come out unsuccessful you will lose twice more than what you would have lost with the simpler Martingale system.

2. Paroli Strategy

Development Winning Probability Paroli StrategyIf you want a system with which you can take advantage of hot streaks, then the Paroli is the perfect system. It’s a much more aggressive system than any other where you have to increase your betting progression after each win.

Roulette Players in the CasinoFirst, you have to decide on an initial bet. After each loss you place the same bet over and over again until you win one. After that your next bet has to be twice bigger than the previous one plus an additional unit. For example, your initial bet is £2. Your sequence after winning a bet would be £4 + £2 = £6. If you win this bet too, then your next bet would be doubling the previous one and adding one more unit: £12 + £2 = £14. If you win your next bet as well you start the sequence all over.

But, there is a problem with this system. If you hit a streak of win-lose-win-lose etc., you cannot successfully implement the system. Plus, you never know when a winning streak is going to hit so you may burn your bankroll before you even win anything.


This is a somewhat safer system where you have to select a sequence of bets and each number will represent a bet unit. If your sequence is 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9, it means your first bet will be one unit, your second bet will be three bet units, your third will be five bet units and the fourth will be seven bet units. If your bet unit is £1, it would mean betting first £1, then £3, £5, £7 and £10. You can choose which ever numbers you want for the sequence.

This is how it works. You have to bet the first and last bet of your sequence. This would be 1 and 7, which means you will bet £1 + £9 = £10. You can either win £10 or lose them. If you lose the £10 bet you have to add it to the sequence: 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 + 10. Again, your next bet will be the first and last number in the sequence: £1 + £10 = £11. However, if you’ve won the initial bet of £10, you have to cross the first and last numbers from the sequence so that it looks like this: 3 + 5 + 7. In such a case your next bet would be £3 + £7 = £10. Again, the first and last numbers from the new sequence. The problem with this system is that with each loss your sequence grows bigger and you suffer bigger losses.

Oscar’s Grind

This is a fairly popular and much safer betting system. It involves upping your bets after each win by one unit and betting one unit after each loss. For example, you’ve played eight rounds with a series of let’s say loss-loss-loss-win-win-loss-win and your bet unit is £5. In such a case your bet sequence would be £5-£5-£5-£10-£10-£5-£10 which amounts to losing £20 and winning £30. As you can see you are £10 ahead, but in time your losses may eclipse your winnings. As with any other system it involves risk, but at a much safer betting pace.

The Red System

This is an interesting red/black betting system. With this system you are supposed to take advantage of the fact that the 3rd column of the layout has only 4 black numbers and 8 red ones. You start by making an insurance bet on black e.g. £2, and a bet on the third column e.g. £1. One of the possible outcomes is losing the insurance bet, but hitting the £1 bet on the third column. This situation makes your break even. If you hit a black number from the third column, you will win the black bet and the column bet getting you £4 ahead. If you hit a red number on the second or first column, you will lose all. You lose £1 if you hit black number on the second and first column, but you will win the £2 bet and you will be £1 ahead. If you hit zero or double zero you lose all. The math behind this system tells that after 38 spins you will end up with a big house edge.

Strategies Based on Myths

Physical Roulette SystemsWhilst the previous strategies we have looked at are based on various laws and probabilities, there is one consideration that is excluded. The previous systems and strategies are all based on the assumption that there are no technical glitches evident in the game. There are certain strategies that are based on the myth of finding peculiarities which can be manipulated. These include the theory that no roulette wheel can be truly perfect, and if enough spins are watched, you will observe a pattern where by certain results are more likely. However, given the rigorous testing that roulette wheels are put through to ensure they are 100% fair, it is highly unlikely that this is possible.

The Biased Wheel Myth

The biased wheel myth is trying to find a roulette wheel in a land-based casino that is physically imperfect, and as a result some numbers appear more often than other. How can you detect if a roulette wheel is physically imperfect? Well, you have to write down all the winning numbers over a period of time. Then you have to determine which numbers resulted more frequently than the other.

However, this is totally pointless out of several reasons. One of the main reasons is that you have to make a track record of at least 10 000 spins before you can deduce anything. The other much important reason is understanding that roulette wheel manufacturers perform extensive tests on the wheels that they produce. Otherwise the casinos would not buy these wheels, because they don’t want to lose money on such glitches. On top of that, even if there was such a roulette wheel, the casino officials would immediately notice it and replace it with a better one.

Observing the Croupier

This is another myth among roulette players. It involves the fact that a croupier’s job is fairly monotonous, which can result in unconscious spinning of the ball and the wheel with the same velocity out of pure habit. This is called a ‘dealer’s signature’. Thus players try to calculate where the ball will land based on the dealer’s signature spinning. They believe that the ball will always tend to drop around or on a specific number so the player will try to predict the zone where it drops usually.

Such players try to find a dealer with a consistent pattern of wheel spinning. It’s true that some veteran dealers have their own signature of spinning the wheel at the same velocity, but even they are aware of this myth, which is why they will tend to spin the wheel at different velocities. If you try to play roulette according to this myth you will end up with empty pockets.

Our Advice on Using Roulette Systems

General Roulette TipsAs you can see there is no perfect roulette system. There are plenty of systems but it’s difficult to find the one that will suit you most. Whichever you choose you have to test it thoroughly so that you can make a decision based on the results if the system actually works for you. The internet is filled with roulette tips, many of them worthless, especially those that people are trying to sell your for money. If these tips were working they wouldn’t have to sell them, instead they would use them to make money out of playing roulette. The point is to maintain a playing style with which you can lose the least, and the aforementioned systems as well as some other can give you a fair start. With a little bit of luck, you can come out as a winner.